Thursday, 13 November 2014

Winter approaches

We have just about finished planting up for this year.  Lots of other tasks to do such as making signs to identify each bed and what is planted in it.

 planting up garlic and sowing oregano and chives in the polytunnel which we like to call greenhouse
 women who weed
 The soft fruit bed before

 ....... during

........ and after
Proving many hands make light work!
Here's hoping the winter isn't too severe


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Autumn Planting

In the first wet weather session for as long as we can remember, we planted up Garlic Marco, Onions Radar and Shallots Jermor to get us off to a good start for next year.

The remaining tomatoes were harvested and daffodil bulbs were put in to cheer us up in the Spring.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Presentation and Party

To mark our success in being awarded Level 3 by Yorkshire in Bloom in the It’s Your Neighbourhood category, we celebrated at the allotment with a scrumptious lunch.

Pam Wisnia, Rainbow Project Services Manager and Dr Ron Wiener, outgoing Chair of the Green Committee presented the certificate to the residents of the Rainbow Houses and volunteers.


  We then tucked into sandwiches, scones and cake and helped to tidy up the plot.

Our tomatoes and mint

 The weather stayed fine and the sun even made an appearance.
 Even Pickles joined in the celebrations
Thanks to everyone who came down and joined in our party.

During the winter months, we are planning to sow seeds and produce signage in the warmth of the Rainbow Houses.